The Importance of Knowing Good Spoken English by Sarah ODonnell

English is one of the foremost languages in the world. English ranks second to Chinese with regards to the number of native speakers. However, the span of spoken English is far reaching and engulfs the globe. The speakers reside all over the globe rather than being restricted to a region or continent. Many people speak English as a second language as well.

Spoken English has achieved paramount importance over the past two centuries, especially due to the colonialism culture which existed over Asia and Africa. A number of the native people there took up the language and it was passed on generation to generation. In the modern world, the emergence of US as a world leader and prevalence of global media have been the chief proponents for the growing influence of spoken English.

There are a number of barometers which can be used to gauge the importance of spoken English for the world’s populace.

Official Language

English is the official language of no less than 49 countries. The list excludes the United Kingdom as well as the US, both of which have no recognized official language. However, a majority of the communication that takes place there is in English. Most of the countries prefer to carry on their liaison activities in English rather than any other leading languages of the world. It can be awkward to live in the US and not be able to speak good English, as it would hamper your conversing abilities with your neighbors and the people you meet on a daily basis.


The leading universities of the world are located in countries which predominantly have spoken English as the medium of communication. Majority of the curriculum is in English and the lectures, unless in the language courses are delivered in English as well. It is of paramount importance for an expatriate to be well versed with spoken English to be able to get his education from a leading university in the world.


English is a lingua franca in the business world. When businessmen or delegations assemble from more than two countries, it is expected that English would be the spoken language used. English has the widest span out of all the well-known languages in the world. It is helpful to be adept at spoken English when the persons at a meeting or conference don’t have a common language.


Learning a language and speaking it perfectly accentuates the personality of a person. It provides an aura of confidence, and since English is one of the classiest languages, it is a good choice to learn as a primary or secondary language.


There are many people who like to travel around the world. It is important to know how to speak good English because it will be the most frequently spoken language that a traveler will encounter on the road. Learning the native languages of all the countries you visit would be a challenge, therefore English can help your bridge the gap.

There is no doubt about the importance English has as a language around the world. Knowing how to speak good English is an asset in this day and age.

The author is Sarah ODonnell – Director – Subject Matter Expert at Career Ascend Inc. –

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